Club Penguin Cheats, Hints, and New Stuff

Asol1524 Quits Blogging

Hey guys, this is my last post. I’ll still be going on Club Penguin, but no more posts. Here are some links to see what I’m doing:


my Youtube:

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my complete list of pins blog:

my AIM that I don’t go on a lot: Asol1524


I might still post some things above this, but no more daily cheats. Bye bloggers forever!!!


Club Penguin: Saturday October 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary!! Today there is a brand new party hat in coffee shop, brand new cake in coffee shop, and brand new yearbook in book room! Here is how to get the party hat:

1. Go to the Town.

2. Go to the Coffee Shop.

3. Move your mouse over the pinata until it breaks:

4th Anniversary Pinata

4. When the hat falls to the floor, walk on to it:

4th Anniversary Hat Cheat

5. Then click Yes…

4th Year Party Hat 1

…And you no have the 4th Year Party Hat!!

4th Year Party Hat 2

This party will last until Sunday (they extended it!). And remember to check out the Yearbook! Until Next Time…Waddle On!


Club Penguin: Friday October 23, 2009

Today there is a new pin! It is at the Bioler Room ant it is the 4th Anniversary Pin:

4th Anniversary Cheat

This also gives away the colors of the Party Hat! It will be out tomorrow for only one day and the colors will be purple, light blue, and blue. Remember to be there for the one-day-only celebration! Until then…Waddle On!!



Club Penguin: Friday October 16, 2009

Today there is a brand new Halloween Furniture Catalog! Here are all the new cheats:

1. Click on the stone on the Iron Gates for “Puffle Jack-O-Lantern”:

Puffle Jack-O-Lantern Cheat

2. Click on the upper right window of the Creepy Cottage Cut-Out for “Cauldron”:

Cauldron Cheat

3. Click on the Sad Jack-O-Lantern for “LCD Television”:

LCD Television Cheat

4. Click on the Tombstone for “Goofy Jack-O-Lantern”:

Goofy Jack-O-Lantern Cheat

Well, those are all the NEW cheats. You could also enter your igloo in the Igloo Decorating Contest by clicking  on the enter button above the “Open Igloo” Button. Until Next Time…Waddle On!



Club Penguin: Friday October 9, 2009

Hey! Here is what is new today:

– New Stage: Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal (no cheats)

– New Postcards

– New Pin which is at the Lodge Attic. It is the Football Pin:

Football Cheat

Well, that’s all! Until Next Time…Waddle On!


Club Penguin: Friday October 2, 2009

Hello! Today there is a brand new Clothing Catalog (the special Halloween Edition!). Here are all the cheats:

1. Click on the little mushroom on the right for the “Black Cape”:

Asol1524 October 09 Black Cape Cheat

2. Click on the light above the Butterfly for the “Ghost Costume”:

Asol1524 October 09 Ghost Costume Cheat

3. Click on the foot of the Blizzard Wizard guy for the “Black Superhero Mask”:

Asol1524 October 09 Black Superhero Mask Cheat

4. Click on the mouse of the Laptop for the “Black Bowtie”:

Asol1524 October 09 Black Bowtie Cheat

5. Click on the part of the piano for the “Viking Helmet”. Open/Close it 3 times for the “Blue Viking Helmet”:

Asol1524 October 09 Viking Helmet Cheat

And the background from the You Decide is in the catalog (the “Ghostly Grin”)! To watch these cheats in video form, click on this link: Well that’s all! Until next time…Waddle On!!


Club Penguin: Friday September 25, 2009

Hey! Today there is a brand new pin in Club Penguin. It is called a “Padlock Pin” and it is at the book room:

Padlock Cheat

Also, there is new music for members at your igloo:

New Igloo Music Sept 09

The new ones are: 1) Campfire Song, 2) Extra Anchovies, 3) All the Fun of The Fair, and 4) Spicy Salsa. Hmm…campfire song…could this be a hint that the campfire party will be returning? (the one with the “Marshmallow on a Stick” at cove). Anyways, bye until next time!!!


Club Penguin: Friday September 18, 2009

Hey!! Today, there is a new Furniture Catalog and Igloo Upgrades Catalog. There are no new cheats in Igloo Upgrades, but the Jack O’ Lantern Igloo returned:

Jack O' Lantern Igloo

Here are the cheats to the Furniture Catalog. Click on the talk thingy on the Ticket Booth for “Piano”:

Sept. 09 Furniture Piano

Click on the top left part of the Window for “Bowling Alley”:

Sept. 09 Furniture Bowling Alley

Click on the knobs on the Electric Stove for “Fridge”:

Sept. 09 Furniture Fridge

Click on the Gramophone for “Band Stage”:

Sept. 09 Furniture Band Stage

Click on the top of the DJ Table for “Wall Speakers”:

Sept. 09 Furniture Wall Speakers

Click on the red part on the Construction Barrier for “Bowling Pin”:

Sept. 09 Furniture Bowling Pin

Click on the Stone Column Ruin for “Guitar Stand”:

Sept. 09 Furniture Guitar Stand

Click on the fire on the Bamboo Torch for “LCD Television”:

Sept. 09 Furniture LCD Television

Well, that’s all the cheats! Until next time…Waddle On!!


Club Penguin: Monday September 14, 2009

There is a new Scavenger Hunt called “Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt”!!! Just click on the fire in the upper right hand corner:

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt

Here are where the items are hidden:

1. Ski Lodge – click on the log in the fireplace.

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Cheat 1

2. Book Room – click on the candle on the book shelf.

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Cheat 2

3. Pet Shop – click on the black puffle on the left in the cage.

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Cheat 3

4. Mine – click on the lantern on the upper left.

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Cheat 4

5. Pizza Parlor – click on the pizza sauce bottle on top of the oven.

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Cheat 5

6. Cove – click on the stick in the campfire.

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Cheat 6

7. Beacon – click on the jetpack to the right.

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Cheat 7

8. Dojo Courtyard – click on the left Dojo Lantern.

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Cheat 8

Then, just click “Claim Prize”:

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Claim Prize

And then yes:

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Fire Pin

You now have the Fire Pin!

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Fire Pin 2

Until Next Time…Waddle on!!


Club Penguin: Friday September 11, 2009

Hi! The Penguins That Time Forgot is now at the stage!! Here are the cheats:

1. Click on the G in ‘Forgot’ for the “Grass Skirt”: 

Grass Skirt Cheat 1

Grass Skirt Cheat 2

Also, there is  a new pin dedicated to 101 Days of Fun! I knew where it was in advance (I even corrected Mimo777 XD)!! To find the 101 Days Pin, go to the Pizza Parlor:

101 Days Cheat

Also, they added new prizes to the booths! To the Prize Booth, they added a “Stripey Hat”:

The Fair Prize Booth (more items) 09

And to the Member Prize Booth, they added a “Curly Mustache” and a “Snack Stand”:

The Fair Member Prize Booth (more items) 09

And finally, check out the brand new Penguin Tales in the Book Room! [Congratulations Chewydr, Pamelin40, Myndynha, and 4884lune] Here is the cover:

Penguin Tales Volume 3

Well, that’s all for this Friday! Until next Friday…Waddle On!!!


Club Penguin: Friday September 4, 2009

Hey!! Today in Club Penguin there is a brand new Clothing Catalog, Rockhopper is here, and the start of The Fair! First, the catalog. Here are the cheats:

1. Click on the mouse of the Laptop to get the “Black Bowtie”:

September '09 Catalog Black Bowtie 

2. Click on the part of the piano for the “Viking Helmet”:

September '09 Catalog Viking Helmet

3. And open and close it 3 times for the “Blue Viking Helmet”:

September '09 Catalog Blue Viking Helmet

There are no cheats in Rockhopper’s Rare Items or the Fall Fair Prize Booths. Anyways, here is rwhat Rockhopper brought:

Rockhopper's Rare Items Sept 09

Here is the Prize Booth:

The Fair Prize Booth 09

And here is the Member Prize Booth:

The Fair Member Prize Booth 09

Well, that’s all! Sorry I was late on the cheats, but I was on vacation for a week. And remember there are “More Prizes To Come!!” so check back for any cheats and updates. And until then…Waddle On!!


Asol1524 Meets Mimo777 and More!!!

Hey guys! Today I was just on the server Snow Bank and I happened to run into Mimo777! There was a party at the Boiler Room (It was posted on his blog) and I was the first one there! Literally I went there and me and him were the only ones in the room! It was the greatest moment in Club Penguin of my life!!! Here are some pics. Me and Mimo:

Me and Mimo777

Me and U Fride and Ray Toolbear:

Me and U Fride and Ray Toolbear

And finally a postcard from the one and only Mimo777 (i’m sad he didn’t add me):

Mimo777 Postcard

I will NEVER delete! He was so awesome! And he even said that I was cool 😀 (exact words: “u cool”). I even said Say something! (remembering the say something parties) and he said something! LOL. Anyways, he is one of the awesomest penguins in cp (others include 3jel97 , car23 trey10,  spq96, and lots more!). Also, he had a What’s Different Contest (with the Dojo Courtyard) and….I WON! Click this link (or copy/paste) to find my name on the winners list:

Here is a pic of me on his blog too (not all the winners, just some on top and bottom of me – there were 50):
Mimo777 What's Different Winners

I am between Waddle Dee77 and Sissyc97. That is so awesome I got my name on his blog! Anyways cya!  

Until this Friday…Waddle On!


Club Penguin: Friday August 28, 2009

There is a new Snow & Sports Catalog  today and a new pin. There is no new cheats in the Sports Catalog. And the pin is at the cove. It is the Koi Fish:

Koi Fish Cheat

In the Sports Catalog, the pompoms did not come back on the cheerleader page. Weird right? And what is up with the no cheats? I think Club Penguin is getting rid of Hidden Items in the Catalogs because the last 2 Clothing Catalogs there were none, the new play has none, and now the Sports Catalog has none. All the old ones did. See the pattern? Anyways, next Friday 3 new things: Rockhopper is coming; there is a new Clothing Catalog; and the Fall Fair starts! Yay one of my 2 favorite parties!! Until then…Waddle On!


Club Penguin: Friday August 21, 2009

 Today there is a brand new play at the stage (Underwater Adventure) and a new Better Igloos Catalog. There is no cheats in the Costume Trunk, so I’ll just tell you what came back: Blue Snorkel, Blue Flippers, Yellow Flippers, and Mermaid Costume (plus stuff in Snow and Sports Catalog). For the Igloos, first there is a new floor in the Igloo Upgrades:

Painted Dance Steps

Here are the cheats to the Better Igloos Aug-Sept Furniture Catalog.

1. Click on this part of the stove on the 1st page for the “Bowling Pin”:

Bowling Pin Cheat

2. Click on the top left part of the window on the 2nd page for the”Bowling Alley”:

Bowling Alley Cheat

3. Click on the left knobs on the stove on the 2nd page for the “Fridge”:

Fridge Cheat 1

Fridge Cheat 2

4. Click on the Gramophone on the 3rd page for the “Band Stage”:

Band Stage Cheat

5. Click on the top of the DJ Table on the 3rd page for the “Wall Speakers”:

Wall Speakers Cheat 1

Wall Speakers Cheat 2

6. Click on the Stone Column Ruins on the 4th page for the “Guitar Stand”:

Guitar Stand Cheat

7. Click on the fire on the Bamboo Torch on the 4th page for the “LCD Television”:

LCD Television Cheat

8. Click on the Medieval Banner on the 6th page for the “Penguin Knight Sculpture”:

Penguin Knight Sculpture Cheat

That’s all the cheats for this Friday. Enjoy the new play and furniture. See ya!!


Club Penguin: Friday August 14, 2009

The Festival of Flight is finally here!! There are two free items – one for everyone and the other for members only. The first free item is at the Plaza. It is the Green Propeller Cap:

Green Propeller Cap

To get the member item, you have to go to the Forest and get on the Balloon Ride. Then wait until it arrives at the Tallest Mountain and walk to the Jet Packs. Here it is:

Jet Pack 

Also, there is the Cloud Maker 3000 at the Mountain. Just press the red button and watch the clouds appear in various shapes! Remember this party is only lasting until Thursday (August 20th) because they extended it for an extra 2 days [it was supposed to end Tuesday (August 18th)]. Until next Friday with the New Better Igloos Catalog and Underwater Adventure Play, waddle on!!


Asol1524’s Non-Member Beta Penguin

Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you about my other penguin: List. I don’t go on him very much, but maybe I will start going on him more now! Here is a picture of him: 

Club Penguin List

Here is a picture of List with his rarest clothes on:


And finally, here is the start up screen for Club Penguin (I only showed Asol1524 and List cauz the other penguins are my bro’s 2 and my friend’s 2). Here are my penguins:

Club Penguin Start Up Screen


Remember to check out the Club Penguin August ’09 Clothing Catalog cheats below (even though there’s no new cheats). Bye!!  


Club Penguin: Friday August 7, 2009

Today there’s a brand new clothing catalog at the Gift Shop! There are no new cheats, but here they are anyway:

1. [1st page] The new color, Aqua, is here for 20 coins:

August '09 Catalog Aqua

2. [6th page] To get the Red Viking Helmet, click on the part of the piano. To get the Blue Viking Helmet, open and close it 3 times:

August '09 Catalog Viking Helmet

3. [8th page] To get the Canteen, click on the shell:

August '09 Catalog Canteen

4. [10th page] To get the Woodsman’s Hat, click on the window all the way to the right:

August '09 Catalog Woodsman's Hat

5. [11th page] To get the Blue Dragon Costume, click on the shadow in the background:

August '09 Catalog Blue Dragon Costume

That’s all! Remember, the Festival of Flight starts next Friday (with new pin)! Make sure to be there! Waddle on!!


Club Penguin: Friday July 31, 2009

There is a new pin at the Coffee Shop: a Toy Sailboat Pin!


Also, there is new music in your igloos for members. Here they are:


For the peeps on Safe Chat and Safe Chat Servers, they took away the time on it (like 7:00, 12:00, etc.) and added a new game [Hide and Seek!]. In there, you could say stuff like 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. If you have read the newspaper, there will be a party coming up (because Gary is coming up with an invention to fix the windows in the cave so they don’t crack again). Many people think that it will be the Water Party because of the windows and the pin that came out today (it has to do with water). Anyways, we will find out next newspaper (August 6) and the party will start on August 14. Remember, next week there is a brand new Clothing Catalog (August 7). It will have the brand new color that we voted on in it. Until then, waddle on!


~Older Posts~

Color Vote Starting July 24!

Hello penguins! Next Friday, the 24th, there will be a voting booth in the Forest for all penguins to vote on a Brand New Color! The choices are Lavender, Maroon, and Aqua. Here is what they would look like on your player card:


Color Lavender


Color Maroon


Color Aqua

I personally like the lavender the best (then Maroon). Make sure you are there to vote next Friday. Which will you vote for?


Club Penguin: Friday July 17, 2009

Music Jam!!!!!!

Today the Music Jam starts and there are a lot of items to get. There are less free items than last year [2008: Music Jam T-Shirt and Maracas (2); 2009: Green Headphones (1)] First, the free item is at the cove:

Music Jam Green Headphones

Green Headphones—Free

They moved the “Music Maker 3000” that was in the Dojo last year to a special spot in the Snow Forts:

Music Maker 3000

At the Snow Forts, there is a Merchandise Booth (no cheats). Here it is and compared to last year:


Music Jam '09 Merchandise Booth

Pop Girl T-Shirt—250 Coins

Western T-Shirt—250 Coins

Carribean T-Shirt—250 Coins

Rocker T-Shirt—250 Coins

All Access Pass—250 Coins

Classical T-Shirt—250 Coins

Sparkle Rock T-Shirt—250 Coins


Music Jam '08 Merchandise Booth

Pop Girl T-Shirt—250 Coins

Western T-Shirt—250 Coins

Carribean T-Shirt—250 Coins

Rocker T-Shirt—250 Coins

Classical T-Shirt—250 Coins

Sparkle Rock T-Shirt—250 Coins

Backstage Pass—50 Coins

Once you buy the “All Acess Pass” you can go Backstage at the Dock and open the “Music Catalog”. There are 2 cheats. For the first one, click on the “i” in Music Catalog:

Music Catalog Snare Drum and Drum Sticks Cheat

Snare Drum—380 Coins

Drum Sticks—120 Coins

For the second one, click on the “o” in Music Catalog:

Music Catalog Black Electric Guitar Cheat

Black Electric Guitar—975 Coins

Here it is compared to last year:


Music Catalog 2009

Sunburst Guitar—750 Coins

Cowbell—50 Coins

Tuba—600 Coins

Blue Bass Guitar—850 Coins

Trombone—500 Coins

Double Necked Guitar—1000 Coins


Music Catalog 2008

Drum Sticks—120 Coins

Snare Drum—380 Coins

Tuba—600 Coins

Bass Guitar—850 Coins

Violin—450 Coins

Headphones—350 Coins

Electric Guitar (Hidden)—975 Coins

Also with the All Access Pass, you can go to the Roof of the Night Club. There is a Free Item there (Boombox):

Music Jam Boombox


I will also be making a video of all the rooms in Club Penguin and will post the link here. Click: 

Here are the cheats to the new catalog. To get the “Band Stage” click on the record on the Gramophone:

Band Stage Cheat

To get the “Wall Speakers” click on the DJ Table:

Wall Speakers Cheat

To get the “Guitar Stand” click on the Stone Column Ruin: 

Guitar Stand Cheat


Asol1524 on Youtube!!!


Hi people! I started making videos today and here is my first one (of my buddy list):

Here are the cheats to the July ’09 Clothing Catalog:

Feel free to comment and subscribe! And to view my channel click here:

Add me as a friend if you want! Also the splatter won as the shirt that will be in the August 2009 Clothing Catalog! I will have more posts when the Music Jam comes this Friday. Until then, bye!!!


Club Penguin: Friday July 10, 2009


Ruby and the Ruby is back at the stage. To get the “Dark Detective’s Coat” click on the door knob on the  3rd page.

Asol1524 Dark Detective's Coat Cheat

To get the “Noir Background” take the Box (How Do I Get Coins?) on the back page and move it down.

Asol1524 Noir Background Cheat 1

Noir Background Cheat 2

To find the “Ruby Pin” follow these steps in order:

Click  the –

1. File Cabinet

2.Trash Can

3. Book

4. Vase

5. Painting

6. Safe

Asol1524 Ruby Pin Cheat 1

Asol1524 Ruby Pin Cheat 2

Then just click on the pin!

Asol1524 Ruby Pin Cheat 3


Also, there have been boxes with stuff for the Music Jam coming next Friday! So, make sure to be there! Until then, waddle on!




Club Penguin: Friday July 3, 2009


There is a brand new Clothing Catalog!!! Here are the cheats:

1. Click on this part of the piano for the Viking Helmet. [4th page]

Asol1524 July 09 Viking Helmet

2. Click on it (and close it) 3 times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

Asol1524 July 09 Blue Viking Helmet

3. Click on the sea shell for the Canteen. [5th page]


Asol1524 July 09 Canteen Cheat 1

Asol1524 July 09 Canteen Cheat 2

4. Click on the word “Penguins” for the Crystal Staff. [7th page]

Asol1524 July 09 Crystal Staff Cheat

5. Click on the window all the way to the right for the Woodman’s Hat. [8th page]

Asol1524 July 09 Woodman's Hat Cheat

6. Click on the dragon shadow for the Blue Dragon Costume. [9th page]

Asol1524 July 09 Blue Dragon Costume Cheat

7. Click on the “C” in Clearance for the Black Graduation Cap. [10th page]

Asol1524 July 09 Black Graduation Cap Cheat


There is a new pin at the Cave (hidden underground): a Dojo Lantern Pin.

me with Dojo Lantern Pin


Also, there is a new page in the Martial Artworks Catalog. The new item is “Cloud Wave Bracers” (You could disappear completely!) Here it is:

Cloud Wave Bracers


And Sensei is making appearences in the Ninja Hideout (look down at the post of Famous Penguins for his player card). Here is what the background he gives out looks like:

Sensei Background



Club Penguin Complete List of Pins!!!


Click/Go to this link:

(I made it) 😀



Club Penguin: Friday June 26, 2009


There is a new Igloo Upgrades catalog!

To get the Secret Stone Igloo, clock on the crow bar on the second page.

Secret Stone Igloo Cheat

To get the Gingerbread House, click on the four ‘candy’ words on the 7th page.

Gingerbread House Cheat

Gingerbread House Cheat

To get the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo, click on the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo on the 8th page.

Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo Cheat


New DJ3K Upgrades!

They are hand items, but you don’t have to wear them into the game to play them. At the beginning, you get a choice of these three (if you bought them) and regular. Here they are:

DJ3K Upgrades

The purple one is ‘Funky’, the blue one is ‘Festival’, and the green one is ‘Jungle’. I think the Jet Pack Adventure should have upgrades too. What game do you?


Asol1524 posts on Famous Pengins!

Here are famous penguins that everyone should know:

* Rockhopper *


* Aunt Arctic *

Aunt Arctic

* Gary *


* Cadence *


* Penguin Band *


G Billy

Petey K

Stompin Bob

* Sensei *



Club Penguin: Friday June 19, 2009

  • New Pin at Lighthouse: a “Watermelon”
  • New Furniture Catalog!! (click on the Bamboo Torch for “LCD Television”)

Here are some pics:

Watermelon Pin



Club Penguin: Friday June 12, 2009

  • Adventure Party!!
  • Fairy Fables is back! (click on boom box on 1st page for “Silver Wand”)
  • Free item at plaza: a “Green Safari Hat” and a free item [Members Only] at the new room (tree fort): a “Tropical Bird”
  • There is also a search for a “Adventure Party Background.” Here are where they are:
  1. Underground Pool (Click fish that swims by window)
  2. Cove (Click on the long flower thingy on left of surf shack)
  3. Dock (click on turtle on the right of dock)
  4. Snow Forts (Click the flowers on the left of the clock tower)
  5. Ice Berg (Click on water sprinkle in background and then the whale)
  6. Plaza (Click on the purple and green flowers in upper right corner)
  7. Beach (Click on the water bubbles to the right and then the jellyfish)
  8. Forest (Finally, click on the big pink flower between the waterfalls)

Here are some pics:

Club Penguin Silver Wand

Club Penguin: You picked the new pin!!

It has been decided! The new pin will be Pin B (The one i voted for :)) Here it is:








It will appear somewhere on the island next month!


Club Penguin: Friday June 5, 2009

  • June 2009 Clothing Catalog! (Click on the rock on the 2nd page for “Canteen”)
  • I had most of the stuff already (except blue glasses), bit it’s cool.
  • New Pin at the Book Room: a “Safari Hat”

Here are some pics:

Post image for Club Penguin Safari Hat Pin

Canteen Cheat



Sonic X!!!

I just wanted to spread the word of one of my best buddies: Sonic X.


He is really awesome. I’d also like to thank my buddy Corwo! Thanks.


Club Penguin: Friday May 29, 2009

  • New Snow and Sports Catalog!!! (only 1 cheat: click on the soccer ball on the top of the page [nest to the word Soccer] for “Green Soccer Jersey”).
  • Remember, Rockhopper leaves tomorrow so: if your still looking don’t give up, buy as many plants as you need, and (if you like the treasure hunt game) play it!

Here are some pics:

snow and sports catalogue 2


Club Penguin: Friday May 22, 2009

  • New Pin at  the Pizza Parlor: a “Ice Cream Sundae”
  • Rockhopper is back!! (there are no cheats on Rockhopper’s Rare Items, it’s just: “Overgrown Ship Background” [Free Item], ” Suprisis Maximus,” “Plantus Fantasticus,” and “Sprouting Spectaculus” [all furniture items])
  • Rockhopper is waddling around the island! (giving away a brand new background!!) – I met him on May 22, on the server Alpine, approximately 1:20 CPT!

Here are some pics:



Club Penguin: Friday May 15, 2009

  • New Furniture Catalog! (click on Medieval Banner for “Penguin Knight Sculpture”; all old cheats remain the same)
  • Rockhopper is coming next Friday!!! (You could look in telescope and see)

Here are some pics:



Club Penguin: Friday May 8, 2009

  • Medieval Party!!! (Free Item at Lighthouse: Wizard Hat and new catalog [scroll] at gift shop – no cheats)
  • New Pin at the Boiler Room: a “King’s Crown”
  • Kight’s Quest (and Princesses too)! (#1-Stand on all the orb platforms to make them light up; #2-Throw snowballs at 50 targets; #3-Follow these Directions to win!: down, left, down, right, right, up). You now have a Golden Shield, a Golden Knight’s Helmet, and a Golden Knight’s Armor – all free! (members only)
  • New Stage! – The Haunting of the Viking Opera (cheats: click on the mini Jewelled Viking Helmet on 2nd page for Red/Blue/and while blue is open [open/close 3 times] click big jewelled viking helmet for Gold Viking helmet)

Here are some pics:


Rockhopper at Disney World and New Stage Coming!!!!!!!!


Rockhopper has been waddling around Disney’s Hollywood Studios meeting his fans! He is only there for a short time, so if you don’t get to see him heres is a pic. Also, there is a new stage coming the same day as the medieval party (Friday).


newplay.jpgWe don’t know too much about this, so make sure to be there Friday!


Club Penguin: Friday May 1, 2009

  • New Clothing Catalog!! (Click on the brick thingy between the windows on first page for “Crystal Staff”, click on window all the way to right on first page for “Woodmans Hat”, and click on dragon shadow in background on second page for “Blue Dragon Costume”

Here are some pics:






Asol1524 posts on his buddies!!! [as of April 28, 2009]









Ballin 109


Big Dane




Brazil Grill


Cant Forget


Car23 Trey10








Corn Chipper


Crb 22


Doctor Rick






Fish I Fish







I Cup










Kw At Cp

Lenny Junior



Luke Vader96



Mr Sparky Jr

My Libby Lu



Nvm Me 






Robbie Boy





Smily Face54


Snowball 567

Sonic X





Surf Black
















Club Penguin: Friday April 24, 2009

  • New pin at the Dojo Courtyard: a “Tree”
  • New sled racing upgrades; buy at Ski Hill a “Toboggan” for 300 coins! You could wear this into the game to play with it.
  • New music in Dance Contest! (1. Patrick’s Jig, 2. Go west, 3. Let’s Bounce!). These are for members only.

Here are some pics:

Sled Racing Game Upgrades

Club Penguin: Friday April 17, 2009

  • New Furniture Catalog! (click on bottom of Poodle Plant for “Wheelbarrow” and all other things to click on are the same)


Club Penguin: Friday April 10, 2009

  • New pin at the Forest: a “Chocolate Bunny”
  • Quest for the Golden Puffle back at stage!
  • Easter Egg Hunt! Here are the locations:
  1. Town
  2. Cove
  3. Mine Shack
  4. Dojo Courtyard
  5. Gift Shop
  6. Ski Lodge
  7. Ski Hill
  8. Lighthouse Beacon

Then click ‘Claim Prize’ for “Pink Bunny Ears”!

Here are some pics:



Club Penguin: Friday April 3, 2009

  • New Clothing Catalog!! (click on left coffee cup on first page for “Black Graduation Cap”)
  • I met Gary!!! [Now I met everybody 🙂 !]. I saw him 3 times. The servers were: Sleet, Sherbert, and Klondike! If you haven’t met him, don’t give up!

Here are some pics:



Club Penguin: Tuesday March 31, 2009

  • More information about member badges!

0-6 months (Level 1)

7-12 months (Level 2)

13-18 months (Level 3)

19-24 months (Level 4)

25+ months (Level 5)


I’m still on level two. How about you?


Club Penguin: Friday March 27, 2009

  • New pin at the Lodge Attic: a “Top Hat”
  • New catalogs! (at dock, cove, and ski lodge)
  • New snow & sports catalog! (click on guy in background of 1st page for “Green Baseball Uniform” and “Green Ball Cap”; click on Baseball Mound in Furniture for “Red Ball Cap”)
  • New catalog at Ninja Hideout! (just White Gi and Tea Table)
  • Penguin Band is back in town!! I met them; they’re cool!! (and also i met cadence, aunt arctic, and rockhopper.) Have you had any luck?

Here are some pics:







Club Penguin: Friday March 20, 2009

  • New play at the stage bringing back items from the top fives plays!! (Quest For The Golden Puffle, Fairy Tales, The Penguins That Time Forgot, Ruby And The Ruby, Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy And Gamma Gal) [click on Trophy for “Penguin Awards Background; Hair on the title of penguins that time forgot for “Cheap Time Travel Hat” and the vs in squidzoid vs shadow guy and gamma gal for “Squidzoid Costume”]
  • New Igloo Catalog!! [click on Koi Pond for Ice Table; click on Electric Guitar Shadow Box for Disco Ball; click on the word puffle in puffle posters for White Puffle Poster; click on Pinata for Aquarium; click on Velvet Rope for Welcome Mat; and click on the right fort in Build Your Own Snow Fort for Green Birdhouse]
  • There is a new room (“Backstage”) and people are showing up there: Aunt Arctic and Cadence. I already met Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, and Cadence (Cadence like 50 times lolz). Have you had any luck?

Here are some pics:




Club Penguin: Friday March 13, 2009

  • New Leprechaun House (members only) at forest
  • Free item at leprechaun house: a “Accordion”
  • Free item at Coffee Shop: a “Shamrock Hat”
  • New Pin at Ski Hill (end of rainbow): a “Lucky Coin”

I Would Like To Give A Special Thanks To My Following Buddies: Serd24, Car23 Trey10, Crazygrany and Spq96.


Here are some pics:

Club Penguin Lucky Coin Pin



I am always on Frozen (if not, mammoth or sleet).


Club Penguin: Friday March 6, 2009

  • New Clothing Catalog in Gift Shop! {click on the gold in the pot in the background for “Pot O’ Gold” and the word ‘More…’ on the second page for “Boa”}
  • White Puffle Available in Pet Shop (800 coins)!

Here are some pics:




Club Penguin: Friday February 27, 2009

  • Rockhopper’s Here!
  • He brought: “Treasure Map Background” (Free), “Wall Map” (Furniture), “Treasure Chest” (Furniture), “Swashbuckler Outfit” (Clothing), and “Porthole” (Furntiture)!
  • New pin at iceberg: a O’ Berry!
  • New Clothing Catalog Next Friday!!


Here are some pics:






Club Penguin: Friday February 20, 2009

  • Puffle Party!!
  • Free puffle bandana at dock
  • Rockhopper’s coming
  • White puffles spotted
  • I’ll be on Frozen most of the time – see if you could find me!


Here are some pics:

february-march-furniture-catalog « Club Penguin Cheats




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    Hey asol remember meh

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    haha i know u!!!

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    Asol u have a blog?! Hickory Tree Has 1 too! heres mine:

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    Cool, you helped alot!

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